composting your home and garden waste on Allotments

composting your home and garden waste on Allotments

via composting your home and garden waste on Allotments.

Why ? Composting is a good way to recycle your waste, and composting is doing your bit for the environment.
When ? Composting can be done anytime of the year.
Where ? Reasonable you can do composting anywhere, but preferably outside. You can make one indoors if you can stand the smell. (I don’t recommend it).
How ? To do composting you put your waste in a container, box or secluded area, and cover it with plastic or cardboard, where it can break down naturally. You can have good composting material in about 12 months but you do have to turn it regularly.
What ? The things you could use for composting, is all your kitchen waste, tea bags, (except cooked meats, fats).
Grass cuttings and certain weeds. Try not to compost weeds with seeds in. Animal manure’s, from Cows, Horses and Chickens. Cardboard, cereal packets and egg packets (cardboard). Waste paper including shredded. If you have any pets like Rabbits, Guinea Pigs you could use their bedding, hay straw, wood shavings and sawdust. Other things you can compost are Wood ash, Hair, nail clippings, Eggshell, Wool and cotton.