Lets discuss What do you think about SEO companies?

Lets discuss What do you think about SEO companies?

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You can improve your ranking in the Search Engines, by employing  good optimization techniques .There are companies that specialize in SEO and charge websites various  amounts to help optimize traffic to their sites.( Do you think this is a rip off? or that they Especially con us.)
I read recently that a guy got a call from a guy in Texas who worked for a “big SEO” company, he looked up this business  on BBB.org and found 88 complaints. You must do your research and if you, do you will fare well (but you must do it and not leave it to someone else.)
Now considering that most website owners don’t take the time to check a company ,or website out, I just wonder if for most people, working with a SEO company is  worth the money overall? Seems like a business  where they can charge whatever they want and very few people will know the difference.
But as I said, research is the key.
I think research is the key. Also, when you talk to these firms, about what is important, to them it is what their major keywords are, for your website, if you take them on you have to see if your website improves up the ranking for those keywords. Proof is in the pudding… so to speak. And they aren’t cheap, but if it works!!

I think if your website isn’t  ranking, then you need to find out how they ranked others, and maybe even get a first-hand referral
(ask them if you can call that other customer as a reference. before you take them on.)

So just to be fair it’s not always true, blaming the SEO company for ripping you off. There are many SEO companies which
meticulously work on your websites to obtain a higher rank.

It’s up to the customers to not place their trust in just any company. Yeah so it is rightly said. Do your research.
Some people don’t know the first thing about how the internet works, so choosing a SEO company is waste of money, until they have a better understanding of what they are taking on.Please remember they always take a  lot of time, and the saying is SEO is a slow process and cannot bring results in less time. If they say so, but incase they are  wrong it might be best to check out many SEO companies.
You could always Research on your own and be your own teacher.


What to Learn First Javascript or PHP

There seems to be more tutorials on PHP than JavaScript and you can also learn MySQL at the same time so it seems it would be better to learn PHP and it’s so much like JavaScript with the basics that it wouldn’t take that long to catch up to where I am with JavaScript. What choses have any of you make in learing code, I would love to know.

my LG3000 tv wont come on straight away

I have a LG 3000 42″ tv and it wouldn’t turn on. It got to the point where, when I first switched it on nothing happened, there was no sound and no picture, I had to keep switching it on then off repeatedly for quite a while, and then it eventually came on,it was taking longer and longer to come on, so I decided to do something about it, after googling for several days it seemed likely it was the power board.

picture of lg3000 tv power board

so I bought a service kit from Bixreclaimation for £70.00 and that solved my problem, and left me with all the other boards for when it breaks down again!

The great thing is it’s really easy to do Iwish I had done it months ago.