my LG3000 tv wont come on straight away

I have a LG 3000 42″ tv and it wouldn’t turn on. It got to the point where, when I first switched it on nothing happened, there was no sound and no picture, I had to keep switching it on then off repeatedly for quite a while, and then it eventually came on,it was taking longer and longer to come on, so I decided to do something about it, after googling for several days it seemed likely it was the power board.

picture of lg3000 tv power board

so I bought a service kit from Bixreclaimation for £70.00 and that solved my problem, and left me with all the other boards for when it breaks down again!

The great thing is it’s really easy to do Iwish I had done it months ago.


2 thoughts on “my LG3000 tv wont come on straight away

  1. You’re really lucky to have one of these modern tele-thing- ama-jigs. We’re still using the magic lantern for our visual experience, my friend Ben says I should get a Baylis radio, but I think he’s just winding me up lol

  2. Modern televisions consist of a display, antenna or radio frequency (RF) input (a TV aerial plug or an F connector), and a tuner. The existence of a television tuner (nowadays, a digital television tuner) in a display device distinguishes it from a video monitor — which receives signals that are already processed. Additionally TVs almost always include speakers and teletext. Most modern TVs also feature additional inputs for devices such as DVD players, video game consoles, and headphones; the most common types for analogue audio and analogue video are RCA (for composite video and component video), mini-DIN for S-Video, SCART and D-terminal can be found in Europe and Japan respectively, the newer HDMI (which can also connect to computers), USB and Bluetooth. Some high-end TVs have Ethernet ports to receive information from the Internet, like stocks, weather, or news. Most TVs made since the early 1980s also feature an infra-red sensor to detect the signals sent by remote controls. Televisions today use various display technologies such as CRT, LCD, Plasma, Digital Light Processing (DLP), and more recently OLED. Some front projectors, which feature TV tuners, can also be considered televisions

    We’ve come a long way since Scottish inventor John Logie Baird demonstrated the transmission of moving silhouette images in London in 1925

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